Sunday, January 28, 2018

Kristin Knight Stephens

(2017 Doug Keach Award Winner)
Current Position at Graves Gilbert Clinic: Recruiting Manager/ Human Resources.
How long have you worked at Graves Gilbert Clinic?
11 1/2 years
What is your favorite part of your job? 
When I interview people for potential job placements, I almost always ask the question, “What drew you to apply for employment at Graves Gilbert Clinic?” Inevitably and without hesitation, I so often get the same answer, “When I come to Graves Gilbert, it feels like family.” That is a true statement. I enjoy experiencing firsthand the happiness and excitement of those who receive a “You’re hired!” phone call. I love placing those calls. I enjoy taking part in helping GGC hire individuals who will create a wonderful and welcoming environment for our patients and employees.
What originally drew you to working in healthcare?
My first healthcare job was in a cytology lab and then in a physical rehabilitation hospital. From the laboratory to direct patient care–That’s how I fell in love with the medical field.
What is your favorite hobby?
Home decorating
Anything you’d like to share with your family (kids, spouse/partner, pet, etc.)?
I have a wonderful and supportive family. My children and grandchildren are incredible. Each one of my family members is blessed with special talents, and they are genuinely caring people. What more can a person ask for?
Fun/Interesting Fact about you?
I am from New York City but “country primitive” is my style. Odd combination.
Community involvement?
(Church, Little League, Clubs, Volunteer, etc.) I attend Eastwood Baptist Church and love my Sunday School class there. I am a charter member and current Chairperson of the Barren River Local Coordinating Council on Elder Abuse Prevention. We launched this council in January 2004, a very worthwhile venture to provide awareness within our community in hopes of preventing cases of abuse against the elderly population.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Graves Gilbert Clinic

Graves Gilbert Clinic is a multi-specialty clinic in Bowling Green, KY, founded in 1937 by Dr. G.Y. Graves and Dr. Tom Gilbert. Today, Graves Gilbert Clinic houses more than 125 physicians, 50 physician assistants and nurse practitioners who continue to lead the way in medical innovation and technology, and serve South Central Kentucky with the same level of care and dedication that their founding fathers promised over 80 years ago when Dr. Graves and Dr. Gilbert shook hands and made a commitment to the future: A commitment to a Lifetime of Care.

Our goal has always been to provide sensitive, compassionate care to our patients with respect to the total well-being of the individual. Learn more at

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

عَلَّهُ يَنْتَبِهُ فّيَهْتَمُّ

إِلَى كُلَّ مَنْ لَا يَهِمُّهُ الأَمْرُ،عَلَّهُ يَنْتَبِهُ فّيَهْتَمُّ.