Friday, December 17, 2010

Thorns hurting.

Thorns hurting.

ألم الاشواك

لم نختر طريقاً وسط طرق..

لم يتم أخذ راينا في مسلك او ممر..

قالوا لنا ان سيروا فسرنا..

لم يقولوا.. بل أمرونا..

سرناها و مشيناها..

كنا نعلم انه ملئ بالاشواك..

هذا الممر الضيق.. ذي الباب الضيق..

لا يوجد به الا اشواك حادة معظمها.. مؤلمة جميعها..

الا بعض اطراف الممر.. هنا و هناك..

نذكر ذلك لأمانة السرد.. و الذكرى..

استعذبنا الممر اعتياداً.. بمعنى اننا تحركنا في بعذوبة..

بمرور الوقت اعتدنا على الاشواك الحادة..

كنا نتعجب احيانا من كثرة الاطراف الخالية..

نقصد.. خالية من الاشواك..

و بمرور الوقت اكثر فأكثر..

و بنعمة الله العلي القدير..

صرخت الأشواك قائلة في ألم:


Depression If Not Treated May Kill You

Depression is something very usual. Every single person faces depression at some stage of life. It is natural to be depressed. A minor phase of it is resolved with the passage of time, but if it prolongs it can be dangerous. Depression is such a disease in which a person cannot continue his daily routine properly. He has to find out its root cause so that he may get the required treatment for it. Some people think that it is not a mental disease and they feel that they will overcome this problem after some time. However, this is not the right attitude towards depression. You must take it seriously as it may lead to serious consequences that are unbearable in practical life. Therefore it is quite important to take some action against your depression otherwise this simple mental trauma will soon become a serious problem and will continue to do its negative work and may kill you as the most horrible form of depression is suicide cases. Let us discuss some of the forms of depression.

Depression is an extreme sadness, an emotional states in which person is so low in his confidence and self esteem. In this state a person losses interest in anything and avoids contact with the outer world or even with the family members. Continuity of depression can lead to chronic or major depression. A chronic state is one in which a patient will act normally but will be unhappy with his surroundings. It is also called dysthymia. Major depression is the one in which a patient faces severe attacks of depressed feelings. It may be in the form of episodes. Both types are treated in a same way. It is advised to consult a therapist who will treat a patient by talking to him or he will prescribe medication if it is unbearable for the patient to control.
Imran ali