Saturday, July 25, 2009

Leg over leg!

Leg over leg!

اوتوماتيك قيادة

هذا ما حدث

وضع سائق الاوتوبيس ساقا فوق ساق اثناء قيادته للحافلة

ناقل الحركة اوتوماتيك


لم يجد الرجل مكانا لساقه اليسرى

الا فوق اليمنى!0

و الصور اكثر بلاغة

من اى تعليق

The Perils of Crazy Car Drivers on the Road
When a motorcyclist goes riding out on the road he puts himself under great risk. Weather conditions, road conditions, traffic conditions are all a part of the risks that motor bikers deal with every time they go out for a ride. However, the greatest risk a motorcycle rider can put himself through, is to ride next to rash car drivers. A car has a lot of blind spot areas in which the driver of the vehicle cannot see clearly. These blind spots can put motorcycle riders in danger if the car driver is not aware of his presence. If car drivers choose to drive irresponsibly and practice careless driving habits it could lead to an accident, leaving the motorcyclist in critical condition. To protect themselves against rash vehicle drivers, all motorcyclists should invest in bike insurance policies catered for crucial predicaments such as these.Most casualties for motorcycle riders occur when a truck, car or any other vehicle is unable to see them in the lane they're about to take over. There are also car drivers that don't even bother to check their blind spots regularly as recommended by professional drivers. If you are not able to see the driver in any of his mirrors then you are probably in his blind spot. Many times, busy hectic lifestyles, stress, and busy traffic make certain individuals unaware and inattentive to their surroundings. These individuals pose a threat to motorcycle riders who could be run over because of negligent driving. It is important for motorcycle riders to be visible to other drivers at all times and maintain a safe distance. If a situation occurs where a car driver does have an accident with a motorcyclist, a bike insurance policy in effect will be beneficial to the rider.Many times car drivers out of fear of being arrested, drive away from the accident abandoning the motorcyclist. In 2004, there were 23,714 hit and run cases reported in the UK. In such cases, it is difficult to track down the third parties who are responsible for the accidents and for the repairs on your bike or any medical expenses involved. It isn't right that bike riders should be liable to pay for the damages caused by a vehicle driver's rash habits. In turn, certain insurance companies have started to provide coverage for hit and run cases. There are also situations where a negligent car driver is driving an uninsured vehicle and has no financial support to take care of the damage he is responsible for. Bike insurance policies take care of these circumstances as well.In spite of the number of groups and organisations campaigning against drinking and driving for the last couple of years, the number of cases that still occur today will shock you. Driving in an inebriated state in any vehicle is against the law. Drunk drivers can cause significant injury and damage to any motorcyclists close by. It is very important for motorcyclists to keep in mind all the different reasons car drivers can cause serious damage to their bike or themselves. With all in mind, motor bike riders should take the necessary safety precautions such as riding with a helmet and also purchase an ideal bike insurance policy to be financially prepared for any unfortunate situation that can occur.
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