Thursday, April 12, 2018

Smiling Lungs

My name is  Dr.Bassem Matta, Bsc, MBBCH, Pulmonary Physician.
AKA Matthew Japheth, CCMA
I grew up in the wonderful country of peace, EGYPT.
I was graduated from Faculty of Sthe science in 1995
and I was graduated from Faculty of Medicine in 2003
I'm specified in Pulmonary Medicine.
My Great Father was also a Physician as he was specified in Internal Medicine and Medical Administration.

and Here is my photo holding my Dad's Stethoscope!

It is a great honor to give a hand helping in making your lives more better.
USA:  6154851301
Egypt: 01226989889
Yacoubian Building 34 Talat Harb Street, From Tahrir Square, Down Town.