Friday, November 27, 2009

فخر النقاء

يقولون عني اني مختال..
اتباهى بما ليس لي..
الحقيقة اني لست هكذا..
على الاقل..
هذا رأيي..
ربما احدكم كذلك..
ربما كنتُ كذلك..
و لكن ها هي صورتي..
هل ترونني مختالا؟!..
يا الهي..
ها قد تخلصتُ من الواني..
صرت بلا الوان..
صرت ابيضا..
كلي اصبح ابيضا..
ذاتي باتت نقية..
لم اعد مغرورا..

Being Humble 24-7 Christian News

Author: Morton Camacho
Some folks have the theory that thinking nastily of themselves is an illustration of humility. If we are to chase meekness, it's obligatory that we die to self. We must determine not to put ourselves first and instead ask God what's His will in that case. And when God blesses other people, we are to pleasure ourselves in the nice stuff that come to them. When we direct our thoughts ceaselessly to His grace and goodness, our confidence in Him will grow. When you humble yourself before Him, you can mark that day as the start of the finest part of your life.

He does not insult himself and tell God how vile and sinful he is. There are 7 things we can do to permit God to develop such humble spirit in our life.

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