Monday, September 28, 2009

Smelling the voice of God.

And smelling the voice of God.

و نشتُم صوت الله

على وجه الدقة لا استطيع ان اصف احساسي

لا استطيع ان اقول اني اسمع صوت الله

اؤمن ان هذا واجب علىً

بل انه حقي

ان اسمع صوته جليا

و لكن ما اشعر به ليس سمعا صافيا

حواسي مرهفة


ما اقوله هو اني اشتمُ صوت الله

اشم صوته


الى خطاك دوما


Smelling the voice of God.
Precisely I can not describe my feeling
I can not say I hear the voice of God
I believe that this is the duty of
But he was my right
To hear his voice clear
But what I'm doing is not heard in a net
Delicate senses
What I'm saying is that I smelled the voice of God
Northern voice
To always be your fault
Following you My Lord..
for ever..