Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Corner Stone.

A-Corner Stone.

B-The Targets.

C-Way in Leading


Any deep life must contains a corner stone.

It is the targets of this life that Man works to reach them.

also.. Corner stone is the ways by them, Man reaches his targets.

The Targets.

1-Live with Faith.

2-Live with Work.

3-Live with Success.

4-Live with Victory.

5-Live with Freedom.

Way in Leading.

In deep life, leading is a very important skillful.

Leading of life is sharing with leading of our sons, neighbors, community..And our selves.

Indeed. Leading means working hard to make our people live in a happy way of life.

Also. Protection of our lovers is a very important expression of leading them in a best way to victory.


Best meaning in our life is...