Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Independent Shepherd.

March 10, 2006

Independent Shepherd
الراعي المستقل

انتقل الى السيد المسيح المجيد

الرجل القوي في السيد المسيح المجيد

الراعي القس بولس بشرى

كاهن كنيسة البطل مارجرجس هليوبوليس القاهرة

تلامسنا مع شخص نادر هذا الزمن

تمتع باستقلالية نادرة

و حيوية جذابة

نؤمن بالفكر الاخطبوطي

الاسلوب العنكبوتي

ذي الزوايا العدة

على ان يكون ذلك في اطار من الاستقلالية

او لنقل

جوهر من الاستقلالية

ابونا بولس بشرى تمتع بقدر فائق من الاستقلالية شديدة الجاذبية

نفتقد كثيرا تعاملات مستقلة عقلانية


برحيل القوي في السيد المسيح المجيد

الراعي القس بولس بشرى


نحن خسرنا

و السماء ربحت

How to Be a Confident, Independent Person With a Visual Impairment
Having a visual impairment can be tough and you kind of have low self confidence. This article is to help those who are partially blind or fully blind.

Walk tall and straight, a confident person never slouches when they walk. If you use a white cane and don't have enough confidence to walk out on the street (i know i didn't have any when i first used a white cane) practice in your house for a while until you think you've got the routine with the cane down pat.
Always smile. When you are confident, you don't frown in public places, people will think you are snobby. Remember this line "Confidence With A Smile".
Don't let everybody help you. If you truly want to be independent and confident, you have to limit yourself to what you need help with. If it's something to do with reading, like reading labels in your house for example, get a good braille label printer and stick labels on the cans or whatever it is.
Don't always tell people you are blind until it is necessary. A confident person wouldn't say anything and no one would notice they were blind because they move so natural like a sighted person would.

have fun with your disability, make jokes! (to an extent haha) if you are confident enough to make fun of yourself, people will be more comfortable around you!

try not to make sarcastic, dry humor, depressive jokes about yourself, you will look like you are trying to get pity.

Things You'll Need
Good, handy items for the blind (confidence grows with the more helpful items you have)